For Sale

Preamble – We need to sell many items from the  P&M Kawasaki era (for us 2006 – 2013) and the P&M Suzuki GSX1100 era (2014 -2017) in order to help finance our 2019 projects.

Listed below are many items, in no particular order, from the P&M eras.



Item 1 – 2015 FIM European Classic Series winning Suzuki GSX1100. (we built 3 bikes for that year, 2 have been sold and this is the remaining bike which we used as a T bike in 2018)

As well as winning the 2015 championship, these machines won at Imola, Aragon and Mettet in the hands of Stephane Mertens, Ian Simpson and Peter Linden.

Basic Spec ; P&M rolling chassis, frame number 146 delivered new in 2015. Dymag wheels, Beringer discs and calipers, Yamaha FZ600 forks with Ohlins internals, P1 Yokes, 24 litre twin filler tank, (not the older Kawasaki branded tank shown in some photos) Racefit titanium 4:2:1 exhaust, 35mm Kehin carbs, 1230cc kit, flowed head, megacycle cams, Nova gearbox, race valves and springs, Crank end protection, reinforced clutch, Ohlins shocks, Saches multi-program ignition, Dyn mini coils, Lightweight semi-carbon bodywork, with or without internal lights. Lots of spares available at additional costs ( wheels, brakes, crash damage items, fairings, seats, etc)


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Item 2 – Ex-Dave Whittal-Williams  GS1000 race engine, exhaust system and some other P&M parts from Dave’s 1979 P&M, frame 97.


About 5 years ago we bought this bike ( frame 97) as a donor to convert into a GSX1100 racebike, which we did in 2014. We removed the engine, exhaust system etc and these, plus many minor parts have been stored separately since then. The engine is immaculate, vapour blasted and interestingly has a secondary race preparation number, (in addition to its engine number)  of 006. We have not stripped or delved into the engine and have no idea if it is highly tuned or not, but externally it looks like it is highly likely to be something quite special. We would think it was ‘as raced’ in teh early 80’s when Dave was having some considerable national level success. It has been poly-wrapped for the last 5 years and is in lovely condition. I am not going to strip it, and have priced it at £1000. Its a small gamble, at one end of the scale it could be a very nice looking road engine, at the other a full race spec GS1000, worthy of any top grade special. I am asking £1000 for the engine and £100 for the steel 4:1 exhaust system.

£ 1000 + £100

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Item 3 – P&M Kawasaki Z1000/1100 Racefit titanium 4:1 exhaust system


As used by the team in 2012/2013. Designed to Phase One spec and as light weight and as high quality as we could get. The weight saving alone, not to mention the good power gain, was very well worth the effort and expense. A work of art.


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Item 4 – P&M Suzuki GSX1100/1230/Katana Racefit titanium 4:1 exhaust system

This type is as used by the team 2014 -2018. Straight out of the spares box. Built to Phase One  spec, hardly used and a work of art. For as team or special builder or restorer who wants the lightest pipe giving excellent power improvement.


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Item 5 – GSX1100/GS1150/Katana road engines.

Two engines stripped out of road bikes for donor race engines, never used. Each was removed from running roadbikes in 2017 for race use. They have been languishing, untouched since then in the store. As the team no longer have need for them, they are now for sale.

£600 each


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Item 6 – GSX 1100 EFE cylinder head complete.

Cylinder removed from running road engine, complete with rockers, valves, cambox etc


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Item 7 – Marzocchi 38mm forks, yokes, spindle and mudguard.


Forks as shown in photograph, perfect for race or road.


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Item 8 – Kawasaki GPZ1000-1100 Lucas type generator mounting plate.

Mounting plate and oil seal housing to take single or three phase Lucas/Wassel type generator. Rotors and stators and voltage regulators separately available.


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Item 9 –  Pair of Avon Storm race tyres, NEW (not road compound)


Rear;  Avon Storm ST 2 ULTRA (A-VBB) AV56 150/70 ZR18 (Competition use only).

Front; Avon Storm ST 2 ULTRA AV55 110/80 ZR18 (Competition use only)


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Item 10 – Three Avon Storm ST 2 ULTRA AV55 110/80 ZR18 (Competition use only)

Two new and one 6 lap test tyre. Race compound.


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Item 11 – Pair of Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart tyres.

Sport compound , not race

110/80- ZR18 and 160/60 ZR18. Ex-test tyres, around 6 laps each, used as a pair.


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Item 11 – Suzuki engine GSX1100/GS1150/Katana


Un-run race engine, complete, except cams (these can be supplied if reqd).

Vapour blasted and prepped cases, new Wiseco 1170cc piston kit (un-run). 18mm small end crank/rods. race valves/springs/manual cam chain adjuster/welded starter clutch/reinforced clutch, etc

Ideal for endurance/special builder


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Item 12 – Suzuki engine GSX1100 (1230cc with EFE crank) race ready 


Race engine, ex Spa 18, low hours, flowed head ( Salter), megacycle cams, race valves and springs, modded rocker arms, EFE crank, clutch (reinforced and welded backplate), starter clutch  (also welded) and rods (20mm). 1230cc Wiseco piston kit, bored and skimmed cylinder block, undercut gearbox, crank crash cases, high ratio oil pump gears, etc . Used engine, ready to race.


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Item 13 – Nova CR gearbox for GSX1100/GS1150/Katana


Perfect used Nova gearbox removed from one of our race engines in order to sell separately.


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Item 14 – GSX1100/Katana/GS1150 reinforced and welded clutch baskets

Three new reinforced back-plates fitted welded to good condition clutch baskets. Prepared ready for race engines but now without use by us. Can be sold individually or as a group.

£175 each or £500 for three.

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Item 15 – Yamaha F2 350 LC, part engine


This engine appears to have been prepared for the World F2 races around 1982 ish. We removed it from a Spondon TZ Rolling chassis late in 2018.  We have used the gearbox (TZ 350) and dry clutch for our TZ project. The porting is believed to be TZ350. The cylinders have been untouched and have remained in place, we suspect TZ350 pistons will have been fitted. Th ecrankcases look to be in excellent condition. The gear selector drum and mechanism worked with the TZ gearbox, but is thought to be LC. The engine was running and the parts for sale all look good. The cheap price is simply to clear it and hopefully allow it to be rebuilt by someone who has an interest in these bikes.


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Item 16 = Yamaha TZ250/350/LC Motoplat ignition, complete.

Motoplat ignition, including Yamaha 250/350 backplate and rotor, coils etc. Original even down to the original electrical connections and wiring which is in surprisingly good condition. Removed from running bike.


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Item 17 – Mikuni VM30 Carburettors, spaced for Suzuki GS1000

Mikuni VM30 carbs in good condition, no corrosion and they open and close nicely. They were removed from P&M 97 (ex Dave Whittal-Williams) three or four years ago and have been stored properly since then. Ideal for GS1000 restoration or similar project. (Standard carbs were VM 26s.)


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Item 18  – GSX/GS1150/Katana Kent Race Cams.

New unused Kent cams, bought 4 years ago but unused. Exact spec unknown. Low price just to clear.

£100   Russell Benney