Newsletter 153: The Northwest 200

The Team’s first Irish Road Race and Practice for the TT

With the pre-season Albacete tests and a Mallory Park shakedown behind us, we are now ready for the NW 200 and TT. Carl Rennie and Ben Wylie will each race in two classes; Carl in Superbike and SuperStock and Ben in Superbike and SuperSport. For the Team it’s a big undertaking, having previously focused on keeping just one machine on track! For the TT the task will be even larger, when Carl’s SuperSport bike will also be debuted. But we are ready. The TT is proving to be one of the most popular races ever for team members, with more than 24 being involved over the two and a half week period.

Both the NW200 and TT have also been made a lot easier by the enthusiasm of our sponsors to get involved in real road racing. Direct product support has been offered by all of our old endurance sponsors, many of whom see it as being more relevant to their business. So, for the first time (we think) we shall see Beringer discs and France Equipement sprockets on a SuperStock bike at the TT.!

Carl’s regular sponsors have also worked hard to support his SuperSport bike, which will be built to a specification capable of winning. Thanks to Carl’s brother Dereck and Martin at MTC.

The Team’s quest for sustainable racing, in the form of e-bike racing has continued leaps and bounds with Mike Wain at the proposal stage with at least one major manufacturer and with the Universities of the West Country ganging up to be involved. More soon….

At the NW 200, the team will be based in the paddock and at the TT we have rented the house that TT regular Ian Armstrong normally has in Onchan.

Please feel free to come and visit us.

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