Ian Pattinson to join Ben Wylie for TT Races

Ian Pattinson will replace Carl Rennie in the Phase One line up for next week’s TT Races.

Rennie failed to gel with the team at the NorthWest 200 event and Pattinson jumped at the opportunity to compete in his place.
Ian Pattinson, a Manx GP Race winner, is a regular top 15 finisher at the Isle of Man TT, with a best placed 8th in the Superstock event in 2007. Ian will compete alongside Ben Wylie in the Senior, Superbike and Supersport races and will take the Team’s single Superstock entry.
Ben Wylie’s stated ambition for the race is to achieve his first 125mph lap on the Team’s Superbike, following his Newcomer best of 121.7 mph last year.
Russell Benney: “This is a massive undertaking for the Team and really is very different. Probably the biggest difference is that we have enjoyed the luxury of working from a pitbox garage for 25 years and returning to multiple awnings is a challenge – just storing 5 bikes, plus an 08 Superbike as a spare is difficult enough!”
Following the cancellation of Saturday’s practice because of rain, tonights will be the first test.

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