26 laps and 1000 miles of practice completed

Wednesday night’s practice resulted in improvements for both riders. Wylie achieved 119.0 mph on the Superbike and Pattinson returned a best lap of 121.7 mph. Wylie managed four laps and Pattinson crammed in five, giving a weeks total of 26 trouble free laps. As both riders were largely happy with their 600s, the main focus was on the Superbikes. Pattinson tried a gearing change and some suspension tweaks and was happy, however Wylie really was suffering. The issue again was high speed stability. Geometry had been set from Pattinson’s bike and different shocks and spring rates were tried, but with only marginal improvement. As we go into Thursday’s sessions the focus will be on the Superbike front end.

Pattinson’s Superstock bike went well but for Thursday a slightly softer rear set up will be tried to improve things further.

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