21st and 26th in the Saturday’s opening Superbike race.

Ian Pattinson led home Team mate Ben Wylie in a great start to the week’s events. Pattinson started in a relaxed mood and quickly settled, battling with Jimmy Moore and James Mc Bride for 25th position. By lap two he had put them behind him and had Rico Penzkofer in his sights. The lap was completed at 123.1mph, stopping at its end for a 49 second refuelling and re-tyre stop. Ian’s race then settled and a fourth lap time of 122.9mph placed him in 22nd before his second stop, also at 49 seconds. He rejoined in 20th still ahead of Mc Bride and Moore and went on to do a 123.3mph lap in pursuit of Dobbs and Penzkofer, but to no avail. The end result was dictated by other events; two places lost through a pit lane speed penalty (60.7 kph in a 60 kph limit, costing 30 secs) and one place inherited from a receding Mark Murray. The end result at 21st was an appropriate award.

Ben Wylie scored an excellent 26th place on a slower machine and in only his second TT. Ben started confidently and scorched to a 120.8 mph opening lap from a standing start followed by an equally impressive 121.5 mph lap into the first refuelling and re-tyre stop. A 49 sec stop set him up to take 28th position in the mid-race stint, after a battle with David Hewson. At stop two, (48secs) Ben was also penalised for a pit lane speed limit breech (60.6 kph) costing 30 secs and two places in the end result, robbing him of his natural position of 24th ahead of David Hewson. Next time out on the Superbike will be with a faster engine and a different tyre strategy…

For the Team, the Superbike race was a chance to accumulate more IOM laps, taking this year’s total to 49, and the Team’s overall race finish accumulation to seven, a hundred per cent finish rate.

The Superstock and Supersport race 1 will both be held on Monday 7th June.

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