Wylie scores a brilliant 15th in Monday’s Supersport race.

Ben Wylie fought to a brilliant 15th place in today’s four lap Supersport race, held in warm overcast conditions. In doing so, he earned his first silver replica on only this, his second visit to the Island. His race was achieved in 1hr 15.35 mins and at an average speed of 119.8 mph, with a best lap of just over 122 mph. Ben was delighted with his result and deservedly so; when the flag dropped he had disposed of a host of favoured names such as Olly Linsdell,James McBride and Chris Palmer. The almost standard engined Yamaha R6 ran perfectly and no changes were planned before race two.

Ian Pattinson completed a trouble free race in 25th position (out of the 50 finishers) to score a well deserved bronze replica. Ian ‘s race average was 117.1 mph, with a best lap of 118.9 mph.

For the Team the race was straightforward with no problems taking the total IOM races to 10, with a 100% finish rate. Both Supersport stops were achieved in around 44 secs, dictated by fuel flow.

Ian Pattinson also raced in the Superstock event scoring 30th position at a 119.9 mph race average. Ian’s race was hampered by poor grip from lap 2, with several big moments sapping his confidence.

Today’s racing has taken the Team’s total IOM laps this year to 62.

The Team are next out on Wednesday, with both riders for the second Supersport event.

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