Ben Wylie – Supersport and Senior Races

Ben Wylie scored a brilliant 19th in the second Supersport race held on Thursday, following postponement of the race from Wednesday due to bad weather. Ben’s R6 performed without problem over the 4 lap race distance and he achieved a best lap of 119.83 mph, down on his first race best, because of wind and a number of yellow flag incidents which hampered progress. Ben held off challenges from privateer cup winner James McBride, Mark Buckley and Ian Mackman, but failed to catch Olly Linsdell, who finished 4 seconds in front at the close of the race. The pit stop was achieved in 51 secs, including a slightly slow fuel cap replacement. Ben was content with his performance albeit with the race conditions curtailing the result. “If I had been allowed to start in my race one finishing position (15th instead of 38th), then I would have missed two incidents, which cost me over 30 secs, and I could have easily bettered my race one position.”

Bens Wylie’s Senior Race was cut short with a burnt out clutch on lap two of the rerun 4 lap event.

(Actionshots taken by Martyn Collister from Ramsey)

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