Classic Bol d’Or -part 1

The team scored a fine second place behind one of the new Post Classic RC30s. With only 12 seconds separating us from 1st place and 1 minute 20 from 3rd, things are looking good for part 2 tomorrow.

Hampe Racing Team: Christian Haquin and Nicholas de Dieuleveult

Favourites Motobel and the Haquin Kawasaki both suffered a lap 2 crash costing each of them short pit stops. The pace was slowed in the early stages due to drizzle and the Sweatshop Phase One Team (Brasher) kept a cool head, stayed out of trouble and handed over to Linden in 5th position

Pete meets his old 1990s team boss ‘Perro’ for the first time in over 10 years

With part 2 of the race tomorrow and a grid starting position of 47th (first push starter) there is still plenty to do and the Team is working well and looking forward to tomorrow.

Roadrunner Team: Henk van der Mark and Dirk Brand

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