Classic Bol next weekend.!

Frankly, we have never done really well at the classic Bol.! We were third a few years ago and we won the first leg last year, but that doesn’t count as we crashed out in the second. We rejoined and finished 5th,

I certainly wouldn’t say it was an unlucky place for us, but then, it is certainly not a lucky place either.! Magny Cours, the circuit where we clinched the 2000 championship – how can I speak badly of her?. Well, there is just no affection. It goes back a long way. Was Magny Cours the robber that stole the Bol from Paul Ricard, or the Bol d’Or’s saviour, providing a home when Bernie Ecclestone was the thief.?
Who can tell ?

The classic Bol d’Or will be run in two x 2 hr legs, one on the evening of Saturday 14th September and one in the afternoon of the 15th. Its a nice format that allows for some good racing followed by equally good socialising. As mentioned in previous posts, there is also a pair of post classic race legs, preceding the main events, in which we will be running Linden and Brasher on the Howard Lees Racing Honda RC30.

I think that the social side of things will definitely take a boost as Mikael Lees and his mother Hilkka, plus some other ex-Howard Lees Racing people are also due to come. The era of ‘Team Bike’, ‘Team MCN’, ‘That’s Racing’, ‘Team Townsend Thoresen’, etc (all Howard’s teams) was a long time ago, but many of us still have vivid memories of some of the team’s exploits.

Personally, I have just one, that of Kenny Irons on the Harris framed FZ750, at Le Mans in 1986, in the snow – fastest on track by far and still completely in control. That race put Kenny Irons firmly on the map for me; a truly giant killing session ! And that was on one of Howard’s bikes. So, for that reason alone it will be a pleasure to run the RC30 next weekend; a tribute to Howard’s efforts and to allow me the indulgence of enjoying the Kenny Irons memory once again.

Anyway, looking forward is much more fun. Hugh Brasher hasn’t raced a RC30 before, so he has got that joy to come. Our team will have the dubious pleasure of being absolutely flat-out, running four endurance races over one weekend. And Peter Linden, together with us, will be trying to win all four.!! Roll -on Saturday.  



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