2014 ECS; Is defence harder than attack ?

I think keeping the ECS crown will be one of the Team’s greatest challenges.
But make no mistake, we are eager to take it on. Retaining the FIM European Classic title will be difficult and is unlikely to be as smooth as  in 2013. However, no matter how bumpy it may get, our preparation and team philosophies will still hold firm and should keep us in line for the best result.

Already we know that the most important foundation stones are in place; team continuity, rider continuity and bike continuity. None of the essential ingredients have changed….they have just got better.

The team is unchanged from 2013, with the addition of a couple of new starters. 
The rider line-up is again Peter Linden, Hugh Brasher and Cormac Conroy, with Stephane Mertens rejoining for Mettet.

The bikes are essentially the same, but will be even lighter and faster.
Furthermore, by now the winning habit will be cementing itself into the team’s psychi and that should be reinforced by the pressure and privilege of sporting the No. 1 plate.

We think the increased pressure bearing the No. 1 plate will simply bring out our best!
The winning support which we have received from our sponsor line-up, headed by Sweatshop and Continental, is reconfirmed and has been strengthened further by the addition of new sponsor Marchant Engineering Services Ltd 
(this exciting new development will be elaborated on later)  

We test at Aragon between 7th and 9th of March.
There are 4 ECS rounds and 3 non-championship events.
The race dates are;
Paul Ricard,  4hrs   4th-6th April  ECS
Mettet 2 x 2hrs      16th -18th May
Spa, 4hrs               4th-6th July   ECS
Oschersleben 4hrs  22nd-24th August
Nurburgring 4hrs    5th-7th Sept   ECS 
Classic Bol Magny Cours 2x2hrs 12th-14th Sept
Aragon 5 hrs          24th-26th October  ECS
We will keep you up to date as preparations go forward. There will certainly be some interesting technical developments to report in the next month or so. In the meantime have a look at the Classic Racer due out in February, which should contain a nice feature on the P&Ms.
As always, anybody with an interest in joining the team, helping out in the workshop and/or coming racing , please contact Russell……we are in particular need of a caterer this season.
More later…..RB

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