Mettet 4 hrs , 17/18th May

Cormac Conroy will be joined by Stéphane Mertens for next weekend’s pair of Mettet scratch races. The event is split into two, two hour races. Race one is on Saturday afternoon at 15.30, followed by race two on the Sunday afternoon.
The Team have been fortunate to have won this event in both 2012 and 2013, each time with Stéphane aboard, but the task will not come easily this year!. Main opposition is expected from the Team Force pairing of Fastre and Hubin, who won the ECS first round at Paul Ricard last month.

Other opposition will undoubtedly come from the Roger Ruiz team who have featured strongly in the last two years and also the ever present Clark/Boam combination on their Suzuki.

Since Paul Ricard the team have been working hard on both development and maintenance. The biggest change for the Mettet event is the introduction of a new alternator/starter arrangement which will allow a starter motor to be used for the first time.

SBS, HEL and Beringer have been working hard to provide the very best braking set-up for the team and we are hoping to take full advantage of this, at what is quite a short tight little circuit. With the Conti tyres again at lap record pace this year, we are all set to go………

Mettet is 3 hrs from Calais, see you there   RB

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