Aragon-the big showdown.!

We enter the final round in joint first position, tying on 61 points with Team Force of Belgium. Momentum is with the team, having scored a début win with the new Suzuki at Nurburgring and topped that with pole and fastest lap at Misano. And there should be even more to come; with the addition of Ian Simpson for Aragon, the rider line-up is second to none. Every area has been improved and we are ready to win.

But there is a downside. Just as the FIM have messed up the World Endurance championship (points are now awarded for positions during the race even if a team doesn’t finish), DG Sport have changed the ECS format to be a ‘ best of three’ rounds. This change to the 4 round championship was done without any consultation and sprung on teams early in 2014 – it means that a team who has scored most points in the year can be trumped by one who has three good results and a non-finish. In both the FIM and DG Sports cases, the organisers have failed to understand the essence of endurance…never give up, finish at all costs. Endurance is about reliability first and speed second, not vice versa.! What a pity.

Anyway, enough; the new Suzuki has been freshened with new valve and valve seat work, plus a fork rebuild to put the team in the very best position to win….and win we must, as anything less may allow the opposition to secure the championship. Our results are 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so far. Team Force’s results are 1st, 1st and 5th. Points are awarded  as follows; 25,20,16,13,11,10 etc, so that means there is everything to play for. We must either win outright or come at least two places ahead of Force. Wow – I am getting excited just thinking about it….this IS tight, this IS proper racing !!

Graham Matcham of Conti will be there, Ray and Lee Marchant of MES will be there, and of course so will Hugh Brasher…we hope you will be too….  

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