Countdown to the Bol

I can say “Bol” this year, as for the first time in 14 years, the Classic Bol and the “real” Bol are together.
The “real” race runs from 3.00 pm to 3.00 pm on Sat/Sun 19/20 September, “back home” at Paul Ricard after an absence of 15 years.
Ok, it hasn’t always been at Paul Ricard, but since 1976 or 1977 it has, after it was run at Le Mans for the last time.
Our race consists of two legs of two hours, one on Friday night and one on Saturday morning. This year the Classic and Post Classic races are being run together. I am not sure if I really agree with that as I am quite sure that the Classic Bol and the Post Classic Bol can continue to stand alone as an individual event, with two x two hour races.
However, we have a race to win and preparations are well underway.
Our target is firmly last year’s Post Classic winners (Mertens/Martin) on their RC30 Honda.Despite being 6 years younger than our P&M, we reckon the win is perfectly possible.

Mike Dickinson
Peter Lindén’s Classic Bol partner will be Mike Dickinson. It is a pleasure to welcome Mike to the Team for his first race with us.
 (Hugh is unavailable for this one, and Ian is overqualified!!).
Mike has had fantastic successes in his long carreer, most notably becoming 1992 and 1993 South Africa Superbike champion. More recently he undertakes race tutoring with his team ( We wish him good luck on his debut!

More soon….. RB

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