Mettet 4 hrs: Mertens and Lindén

It’s always lovely to get those two riding with each other again!
That 2000 WEC winning year was really something special; teamed with Warwick Nowland they scored six finishes from six starts and were rarely off the rostrum. Great memories.

Mertens and Haynes (Mettet 2015)

The Mettet 4 hrs will be run in two legs of 2 hrs, one on Saturday afternoon (not into the night) and the other on Sunday afternoon,
28/29 May.

This year, for the first time, the organisers have elected to run a class for later machines. It seems the later class is a “catch all” to enable anyone, with anything up to 1991 to ride.
It should be interesting, but effectively ends this race as a classic endurance event, which is a real pity as it was a useful race to keep the ECS honest. €550 entry fee at Mettet, €1450 entry fee at Spa!!

My feeling is that if a “post classic”, 750cc up to 1991 had been adopted, it would have been true to the endurance classes at the time and would have been a great venue to bring out genuine endurance machines from the period.
Anyway, we shall do our best; despite being in the “support race”. Sour grapes? A little.

In 2015 we were beaten into 2nd place by Team Force, and we really don’t want that to happen again.

See you there!


Mettet 2013 (archive picture made by Jacco Dijkhuizen)

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