DG Sport press ‘self destruct’ button on ECS championship.

Taurus, Team Force and Roadrunner have all been ejected from their top 3 positions following a behind closed doors decision by DG Sport. 

The controversy follows the disqualification of Team Neate 17 for ineligible rider combination at Spa. The second Team Neate (19) scored a fine fifth position. DG Sport stated that ‘we thought it would be all right’ to combine the results of Team 17 from Paul Ricard and Team 19 from Spa to create a new total if 31 points, rather than the 20 points for team 17 at Paul Ricard and the 11 points for team 19 at Spa. 
For those that know endurance, this is a team championship and the rider lineups on a team’s bike have no relevance.  
The team is designated by it’s team bike number. 
If the proposal holds Team Neate (17/19) would ‘overtake’ second place Taurus and joint third placed Roadrunner and Team Force. 
Sweatshop Phase One, no 1, are unaffected with 32 points at the head of the championship. 
Russell Benney commented that it is unfortunate that the actions of DG Sports have already disrupted the harmony in what was a great series. 
If this controversy continues into Aragon it is difficult to imagine how a creditable championship result can emerge. 
Three of the top teams: Force, Roadrunner and Sweatshop Phase One have invited the FIM to investigate the manipulation of the Paul Ricard and Spa results that give the DG Sport their proposed outcome, and await their report. 
Sweatshop Phase One look forward to running Ian Simpson and Stephane Mertens on the number 1 team bike, and Pete Linden and Hugh Brasher on the number 4 team bike. 
See you there. 

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