Aragon – First test of the 2019 bike.

Following the Valencia ICGP race two weeks ago, the team are on the road to Spain again this weekend (22-24th March), for a 3-day test.


The new XR69 framed bike is close to completion in its MK1 form and is ready for some track testing. The building of this bike started in November 2018 and is based around a copy XR69 Suzuki frame, coupled with Yamaha 43mm forks, Dymag wheels, Beringer brakes and an Ohlins shock. The team have stuck with the 1986 based GSXR1100 engine spec as used last season, for now… It seems that others will be competing using later Suzuki Bandit engines, so if these are not policed out as illegal, we shall swap over later.


As with most first tests, we shall be testing the integrity of the secondary items ( battery boxes, brackets etc) whilst setting the basic geometry and starting on engine set-up. Later we will do suspension and a bit of tyre pressure experimentation. We also have a couple of yoke offsets to try and two exhaust system configurations to test.


One of the main reasons to change machines for this season was to take advantage of the excellent Continental 17” tyre range. Trying and setting these will be one of the most exciting parts of the test.


Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher will be doing the testing and two new team members, Katy Jones and Stuart Scott will be at circuit with us for the first time, both in training roles.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for making it all possible.

More to follow after the test. RB

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