13th on the old P&M at the Classic Bol !

Last weekend’s Classic Bol was just as it should have been. With 68 starters, a highly competitive field and a race full of drama, it was the the best Classic Bol for years. Our race was never going to be special; after a light crash and then a gearbox failure on the XR69, we were forced to use the spare bike, which slowed us by approx 4 seconds per lap. Nevertheless, we pushed hard and despite a unplanned battery stop in leg one achieved a 13th combined race finish.

For us race two, with no problems, was the better leg. Linden started, hobbling across the track to slot into 8th place at the end of lap one. Peter then had a fun 45 minutes, swopping more than 10 times between 8th and 10th, with old friend and team mate Stephane Mertens watching the drama from 11th on the team bike Honda RC 30. Hugh Brasher rode well, consolidating the position and allowing Peter Linden, in his second stint, to springboard to 7th at the end of Saturday’s race. Team Bike (Mertens/Sinclair) finished leading Brits in 5th, Phase One 7th, Team Parts Europe (White/Crampton) were 8th and Neate Racing (Neate/Towers) were 12th, after suffering an oil seal failure in the late stages.

The team will be back on the No.1 bike at Misano in 3 weeks for the final race of 2019.

Thanks to all, team and sponsors alike, it was another fine Bol d’Or Classic. !!


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