2021 – Back on Track !

At last we have some certainty – with the vaccine just around the corner, we shall be back in the spring as strongly as ever. Getting out at Cadwell , Most and Misano last season was the tonic we all craved, this year lets take it with a good dose of Gin.!

Hugh Brasher, Phil Atkinson, Ant Hart and newly kneed Peter Linden, as well as the team, are absolutely up for it. The full championship is planned, lets get started !!!!!

Race dates available soon.

Best wishes to all for a successful 2021.

Russell and the Team

3 thoughts on “2021 – Back on Track !

  1. Hi Russell
    Just seen the classic endurance dates on Facebook.
    Can’t see PhaseOne on the list?

    Are you competing this year??


    1. We are planning to do the championship this year again, but everything is still questionable until everyone is safe to do so, all flight routes are re installed, and the vaccine has been handed out liberally. Meanwhile we had to cancel our Valencia test which was scheduled for March, as we cannot fly there until at least April. As you will have seen we are now on the entry list, and very much it will all happen.


      1. Hi Lida,
        That’s great news, thanks for letting me know, it came as a bit of a shock when I read the first list release.
        I see that the team are now on it.
        Hopefully we will get to see some action this year if the travel restrictions are eased.

        Stay safe.



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