Chubby’s final send off

Well – spending an afternoon eating seemed appropriate, all things considered. ! Chub was remembered by the ‘old’ team in fine style at a BBQ on Sunday 27th June at the team HQ. The weather wasnt perfect but the company was! Furthest travelled we think was Dougie, coming down from Edinburgh way. About 40 team members, family and friends gathered to exchange stories and gossip centring around the big fella. Jilly and Wiggy travelled from Northampton, Christian from Farnham, Age up from Cornwall, Beth, Ben, Steve Rose, Layne, Prouty, Mrs B, Dave Martin, James Walker, Neil and Hel etc. were closer. Some of us had not met for 15 years – it really was a great do.

Uwe, Roy, Craig and Rox each called and wished to be remembered to all.

Cheerio old mate.

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