2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2021 !

  1. Russell / Leeda,
    I hope there will be a presence by Phase One at the return of the 24 hours at Spa next June if they have an accompanying Classic 4 Hour version. I also enjoyed Classic Bike article of the Mini Giro event in SW England.

    All the best from the remaining Fazed Out riders denied any foreign trips since 2019.

    Cheers Steve Harvie (Gilera and Norton Rider from Kent) and Dave King (Triumphs from Edinburgh)


    1. Hi Guys, so sorry we didnt pick this up earlier……not much good at this digital stuff, although ECU programming isnt too bad !
      Anyway, yes we plan to be at Paul Ricard in June and Spa in early July, plus the other classic endurance stuff. Will you be at Oschersleben in late May ? Drop us a line at Russell@phaseone.co.uk, then I wont miss it again. Please forgive me.! Regards Russell


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