Old ‘tin knees’ out at Assen !

Pete Lindén took to the track with the team last weekend at Assen. After 20 months and two titanium knees, Peter Lindén was back in style. It was supposed to be a low key, nice quiet start, not a race for the podium. However, that’s just what it turned out to be; yet again collecting cups for 2nd and 3rd places in the big 4 stroke races on the team’s XR69 Suzuki 1100.

There is still a bit of work to do before full flexibility is restored to both Peter’s knees, but he will be putting in maximum effort to be fit for Endurance later in the year. Fifty two laps around Assen was a fine start. We wish him luck.

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping to get us back on track – especially MC Electronics, Continental and Beringer for this one. We could not do it without you !

Chubby’s final send off

Well – spending an afternoon eating seemed appropriate, all things considered. ! Chub was remembered by the ‘old’ team in fine style at a BBQ on Sunday 27th June at the team HQ. The weather wasnt perfect but the company was! Furthest travelled we think was Dougie, coming down from Edinburgh way. About 40 team members, family and friends gathered to exchange stories and gossip centring around the big fella. Jilly and Wiggy travelled from Northampton, Christian from Farnham, Age up from Cornwall, Beth, Ben, Steve Rose, Layne, Prouty, Mrs B, Dave Martin, James Walker, Neil and Hel etc. were closer. Some of us had not met for 15 years – it really was a great do.

Uwe, Roy, Craig and Rox each called and wished to be remembered to all.

Cheerio old mate.

Chubby laid to rest last week

Chubby’s funeral was held on a lovely warm day last week when he was laid to rest in the company of Jilly, his parents, family and friends.

Because of Covid, numbers were limited to 30, but the ceremy was videod and can be seen using the link below.

For those who wish to attend a Phase One Chubby tribute picnic planned later this month, please contact Lida at lida@phaseone.co.uk for details

Website – https://www.obitus.com/

User Name – nuhe8248

Password – 635496

Chubby and Wiggy’s latest projects adorning Kettering crematorium for the occasion.

Chubby gets the last dance!

Steve ‘Chubby’ Cross – Funeral Arrangements

Regrettably due to the current Covid restrictions Steve’s funeral will be a private event. Chub’s wife Jilly, who is very aware that many of his racing friends would have liked to be there, sends her sincere apologies, and seeks their understanding. Everyone will however be able to watch the service live online and it will remain available for 28 days. Jilly has set up a tribute page which you may like to visit, which also contains the online funeral link.


Many team members who knew Chub have suggested a get together in his memory. This is a good one and we will do it soon. Chub was such an important and inspirational team member for a 10-year period and such a tribute will be a big one, he would have wanted no less. Please will you contact us by email on lida@phaseone.co.uk for the details. It would be a great opportunity to raise a glass to the big guy, just like old times.!