A good start at Aragon

After 108 laps, both Peter and Hugh pronounced the bike perfect. ! We could not have been more pleased with a first test. It was just one of those that went really well. I think a measure of a good test is; how much time do you get to eat in the evenings, or how long is the snag list ? Well, on both those measures it was fine – we had time to eat well!

So, to give you some idea; Over the 3 days we wanted to get Hugh bike familiar again and to shake out any problems with the XR69, find solutions and get the baseline set up. The weather was fine and the track remained available for almost 100% of the time, so all those were achieved. In fact conditions were ideal, with early morning track temperatures of 8 deg C, allowing low temp tyre testing and the 35 deg C afternoon temperatures giving the opportunity for hot testing. Continental have four tyre compound/types for the front and rear.


We took the trusty 2018 P&M GSXR 1200 as a work horse and the new XR69, with 17″ wheels, to develop.

Hugh’s ability to switch concentration from work (he is glued to a laptop) to riding, and do both to 100%, is well known in the team, but his ease at doing it always surprises new team members. He practised both skills well and ended the two days with around 55 laps to his credit.


Peter’s job was made simpler as a set of competitive XR69 base settings were already available from Classic TT races. The front geometry was close to perfect from the off, but the rear needed a lot of change. However, a good geometry setting was achieved on day one. On day two , shock and spring changes enhanced the handling further, plus some front spring and damping work finished the package off. Finally, some deliberate mis-settings gave us an understanding of the ends of operating windows before we go to Paul Ricard in 5 weeks time.


It has to be reported that Peter had a light tumble when he hit pea gravel that was spread across the track after an incident. Four riders fell at this point.

The final session was given over to a trial ride by Jari  Tuovinen who completed 8 or so laps at a very competitive pace and who pronounced the bike ‘excellent’. Jari is an experienced Swedish superbike and endurance rider who will be joining Hugh and Peter in the rider line-up for Paul Ricard. After a successful off-road career, Jari turned to road racing eight years ago and most recently competed in Bol d’ Or on a YART prepared machine last September.

Nine team members were at Aragon and some useful training was done, which should make the team stronger as those people take on roles later in the season.



Thanks to all the team , riders and sponsors for making this test possible.

Paul Ricard 4 hrs will be held during the evening of Saturday 11th May, we hope you can make it.    RB



Aragon – First test of the 2019 bike.

Following the Valencia ICGP race two weeks ago, the team are on the road to Spain again this weekend (22-24th March), for a 3-day test.


The new XR69 framed bike is close to completion in its MK1 form and is ready for some track testing. The building of this bike started in November 2018 and is based around a copy XR69 Suzuki frame, coupled with Yamaha 43mm forks, Dymag wheels, Beringer brakes and an Ohlins shock. The team have stuck with the 1986 based GSXR1100 engine spec as used last season, for now… It seems that others will be competing using later Suzuki Bandit engines, so if these are not policed out as illegal, we shall swap over later.


As with most first tests, we shall be testing the integrity of the secondary items ( battery boxes, brackets etc) whilst setting the basic geometry and starting on engine set-up. Later we will do suspension and a bit of tyre pressure experimentation. We also have a couple of yoke offsets to try and two exhaust system configurations to test.


One of the main reasons to change machines for this season was to take advantage of the excellent Continental 17” tyre range. Trying and setting these will be one of the most exciting parts of the test.


Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher will be doing the testing and two new team members, Katy Jones and Stuart Scott will be at circuit with us for the first time, both in training roles.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for making it all possible.

More to follow after the test. RB

Peter Linden- 2nd in ICGP series.

Peter Linden scored two fine second places at the first round of the 2019 International Classic GP series held at Valencia, 2nd-3rd March. The team had prepared a pair of Bill Simpson TZ350s for a taster year in the series, just to see how far Peter could get. The Valencia reward was above expectation, in part due to Anthony Hart’s unfortunate gearbox failure and crash towards the end of race one, whilst leading, and the absence of Mike Edwards and Ian Simpson from the meeting.

IMG_2200Despite this, nothing should be taken from Peter’s determined performance. The meeting started well, with plenty of laps being covered in the early unofficial sessions and with steady progress being made against the opposition, which came mainly from Anthony Hart and Jean Paul Lecointe, both predictably Yamaha mounted. Peter’s progress was halted in the final qualifying session with an engine seizure and fast crash.  He was bruised but not seriously hurt. Notwithstanding this, his final qualifying time was just one tenth of a second off Anthony’s pole, 1.51.67 vs 1.51.78 which was a great performance.

IMG_2352After a lengthy rebuild, race one set the scene for the weekend; which ended after two processional races, both of which Jean Paul Lecointe won, inheriting the race one win after Ant Hart’s retirement, and on merit in race two. In the second uneventful race, Peter Linden was second in both and Richard Peers-Jones third.

IMG_2310Peter and the team were very pleased with the finishing positions, which were all the more impressive knowing the level of pain that Peter was enduring during each race and the good judgement shown through not pushing on this occasion. Seconds were a great reward.

Round two of the ICGP series is at Paul Ricard on 12th May.




2019 Racing Plan

The season is almost upon us and as usual we are nowhere near ready! Last season was easy; the beast from the east trapped four good workers in the work shop for three days – and after three days solid hard work, hey presto, a bike was born.! This year things are a little slower, but we shall be there soon.

So, what are we up to ?

We have an ambitious programme of nine events and one test. There are two separate projects; Endurance, as usual, involving four events and an Aragon test, plus five International Classic Grand Prix (ICGP) races on the team’s TZ350’s.

These are the dates;

  • Valencia ICGP                   1st -3rd March
  • Aragon three day test      23rd-25th March
  • Paul Ricard 4 hrs/ ICGP   10th-12th May
  • Oschersleben 4 hrs           6th -8th June
  • Imatra ICGP                       14th -16th June
  • Donington Park ICGP       27th – 28th July
  • Reijka ICGP                        23rd – 25th August
  • Classic Bol d’Or 4hrs        19th -21st September
  • Misano 4hrs                       11-13th October

The riders will again be our team regulars, Peter and Hugh, with Graeme Gowland hopefully joining us later in the season once he can be released from family duties. Graeme and Stephanie’s second child was born just 8 days ago. Congratulations from all of us.!

Motorcyclewise, we are building a Suzuki XR69 replica (a sister bike to the type raced by Michael Dunlop in the classic TT) which is a few weeks from completion. After a fantastic run of success with the Peckett & McNabs (Three European Classic Endurance series wins, 2013, 2015 and 2018) we are moving to new challenge using 17″ front and rear wheels. This move will allow us to capitalise on the changes in regulation ( date cut off 1986) and the availability of much more sophisticated and highly competitive new generation Continental tyres.

The hardcore team are not getting any younger, but  a few new recruits have injected some youthful vitality and have brought the average team age back down into the forties! Its been a pleasure to welcome the newbies into the team and we are confident that they will catch the classic endurance bug. ( by the way; there is always room for new recruits; no experience necessary)

Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors for their continued support, without which, we would not be out there filling the grids, and hopefully winning.

More after Valencia.  Go Peter Go……..


MC Electronics joins the 2019 sponsor line-up. !


Ian Mathias and the team at MC Electronics confirmed today that they had chosen Phase One Endurance as a sales and marketing partner for 2019.

During a recent visit to Team HQ, it became apparent that the MC Electronics approach to product design and company philosophy mirrored much of the team’s.

Ian Mathias commented that ‘Safety and reliability have been foundation stones for the success of both MC Electronics and Phase One Endurance. There is a lot of commonality here, which I am keen to work on.’ Long-time motorcyclist Ian added, ‘We are pleased to be associated with the team and its proven record of racetrack success and look forward to pursuing some joint marketing projects in the UK and abroad. We will be seeking ways to promote the company in some of our expanding markets, via the team, in the coming season. ’

Team Manager Russell Benney was delighted to welcome MC Electronics as a new partner and would be working hard to promote its extensive product range of Railway Safety and associated Equipment.

As a start, we have taken this extract from the company literature and encourage you to visit its website…….I believe that lots of the product range and design/manufacture applies to your business as well…….

MC Electronics Ltd manufacture railway safety solutions to suit a wide range of applications. The majority of equipment is produced at our own factory, ensuring that equipment can be quickly adapted and enhanced to suit the required application.

 Our products are based around core technologies which are robust, proven solutions. Most of our products are the result of continuous development, and in some cases have been developed in conjunction with our customers to ensure that the ideal product is manufactured to the required specification.

 Through our own workshops and factory, we can ensure design and manufacture solutions can be developed in a matter of weeks from an initial concept through to final production, installation and commissioning.

 We work closely with the customer to ensure that the final result exceeds their expectations and delivers first time, every time.  With over 38 years of experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying railway safety solutions, MC Electronics is committed to innovation and delivering new solutions to the modern railway.

Website ;   www.mcelectronics.co.uk     email ;  info@mcelectronics.co.uk

New Website

Dear All,

Welcome to our new website.

We apologise for the inadvertent discontinuation of our old site which was due to the untimely death of Martin Gelder. Martin did so much for the team in the background and we miss him very much.

So, going forward, we are about to populate this new site, created by Lida’s son Jim Woodall, and will give priority to a news update, an updated sales page and backfilling the information about the end of 2018.

We are currently working hard on the 2019 calendar and in the workshop preparing both the endurance project and the new ICGP bikes for early season testing.

Our continued thanks for the support of our long term sponsors and team friends, without whom it would not be possible.

2019, here we come!