Albacete 8 hours, Saturday 21st May

Following the TT Legends debut at the Bol d’Or, when we came 5th, we now head to Albacete. At this race four Phase One team members have been incorporated into the team, Mike Wain, Lida van Ham, Craig Reilley and Russell Benney.
Since the Bol d’Or Mike Wain has worked hard to perfect the new Honda super dumptin which will make it’s debut at Albacete. You can read more about this in detail on Mike’s website the endurance affectionado this site provides more detail than anywhere else!

Lida will timekeep for the team and look after on circuit admin for the race. The new timing chair, known as “the perch” in Honda parlince, proved effective at the Bol and remains unchanged for this event. It could be a pretty hot experience as half the roof is clear perspex! Craig continues with his job as a Honda mechanic (have you seen him on de the BSB grids looking after Kiyo this year?)looking after the front end with Honda regular, Woody.
Russell’s role as race manager seemed to satisfy Neil Tuxworth who has set a new, stiffer objective for this 8 hour race.

We hope to bring you some news of a good result in a week or so. Follow the action on and/or

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