Spa Classic 4 hrs – 2nd July

Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden will compete at Spa on the Team’s P&M Kawasaki’s next weekend. The event is a classic racing festival that is fast establishing itself as one of the season’s “must do’s”.
In recent years it has been the event which draws the biggest collection of iconic racing machinery from the last 5 decades, as well as the stars that rode it.
This festival of classic racing spars Friday/Saturday/Sunday, with the centerpiece, the 4 hrs race for pre 1980 machinery being held between 20.00hrs and midnight on Saturday 2nd July.
Since Cartagena in February the Team has continued its steady development of the P&M’s which will sport lengthened rear shock absorbers, modified headlights and 4.0″ rear wheels for this race.

Please join us in the paddock and support the Team for its fight for the rostrum!
I can smell the sausages and taste the Belgian beer already!
The team will compete at the Oschersleben 4 hrs, part of the “German Speedweek” on the 13th/14th of August, with Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher, followed by the Classic Bol d’Or at Magny Cours on September 10th/11th.

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