Phase One in Honda TT Legends series.

In 2012, six of the Phase One crew helped out the Honda TT Legends team during its challenge for the EWC title.
During the season Gaucho Productions, on behalf of ITV, filmed scores of hours of thrills and spills. During the autumn that was edited into a 9-part series of half hour shows. I’ve no doubt that it will be excruciating.!
Even if it’s not, at least you’ll see some familiar faces.

Next Monday, 4th of February, you can see episode one of the Team’s antics. It is on ITV-4 at 20.30 for nine consecutive weeks.

There is a preview on Youtube and via the link below:
Gaucho Productions:
Episode 1 – Monday 4th of February @ 20.30
Episode 2 – Monday 11th of February @ 20.30
Episode 3 – Monday 18th of February @ 20.30
Episode 4 – Monday 25th of February @ 20.30
Episode 5 – Monday 4th of March @ 20.30
Episode 6 – Monday 11th of March @ 20.30
Episode 7 – Monday 18th of March @ 20.00
Episode 8 – Monday 18th of March @ 20.30
Episode 9 – Monday 25th of March @ 20.00

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