Countdown to Paul Ricard

I just can’t get out of the habit of calling it that, Le Castellet that is. For so long, (1985-1999) we travelled to Paul Ricard each September for the annual Bol d’Or 24 hrs that those experiences are totally ingrained. So for me it will always be Paul Ricard.
So, with just eight days to go before we roll up in the paddock, we are on the run down towards packing. It’s the same routine before the start of the first race of each season….the chore of fairings and bodywork.!! 
Spike at Ragged Edge and our Ben Nahum have done a great job making and preparing this year’s bodywork and just tonight we have finished stickering ready for lacquer tomorrow. This season the kit is just as light as last year but this time some material has been added to a few stressed areas to help longevity.
In the photos you can see a few of the new parts – Beringer calipers and discs, the development alternator, new Hel brake lines and at long last the correct green for Hugh’s Sweatshop logos. Well done to the team’s Layne Wilson for getting the graphics spot on.  More updated info before we go……and perhaps some pictures of the completed bikes.!!

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