Taking the No.1 to Paul Ricard !!,

Round 1, FIM European Classic Series, Paul Ricard, France; 4 hrs, Saturday 7th April, Peter Linden & Cormac Conroy.

The bikes are finished, the truck is loaded and we leave for Paul Ricard tomorrow. What could be better!
The entry list shows what looks like a full grid, with no less than four world champions and a host of current and past WEC teams all rising to the challenge of the 2nd FIM European Classic Series. Bolliger is there, MotoBel is there, Alf is there and even some current top names, like Kellenburger and Hubin, even Marc Fissette has joined up.!

Its been 14 years since the last motorcycle endurance race at the Le Castellet track and that was the final round of the 1999 WEC, the 24hrs Bol d’Or. We were there and it was a great race – we finished a fantastic 9th, with Stephane Mertens, Tony Rees and Dean Thomas, good old days!!

Looking at the entry for this 4 hrs, it seems that it will be only us and Bolli that will pick up where things left off; or was Alf there in 99, I will have to ask him. No matter, time for nostalgia is over, its a full grid and the racing will be serious.

Thanks to all our sponsors for getting us this far this season……the bikes are built and the testing is done.

So here we go, let the race begin.

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