Spa Francorchamps, race report

The team entered Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden for the two by two hours race at Spa Francorchamps over the weeked 30th June/1st July.

Due to the EELC regulations not being adopted by the DG Sports, the team’s 2015 GSX1230 bike had to be used to be compliant. Qualifying was predictably difficult and was topped by the RC30s of the new Evo class. 

Peter Linden started both legs, quickly settling into top six positions in both. Leg one went fairly well, with the Linden/Brasher pairing finishing a creditable fifth, behind team Kaiser, who narrowly beat Linden to the flag on the Kaiser Kawasaki.

Leg two was a disaster for many teams including our own. We went out of 7th place with a set of split inlet rubbers, which led to further problems, which forced retirement with just 20 mins to go. Mertens went out with RC30 engine trouble, as did Team Edge on the Harris Suzuki. Roadrunner followed with a blown engine on their Bakker Suzuki and so did Walo/Tosolini on the Italian Honda 1000. But Perhaps the prize for the worst weekend went to Patrick Banfield and Cormac Conroy, who first retired the P&M Kawasaki with engine trouble and then went on to crash their RC30 and send Cormac to hospital with 9 broken ribs, plus a broken wrist and ankle. (He was however back in the paddock by Sunday afternoon, sporting his normal cheeky smile.despite the obvious pain).

In short, an unremarkable meeting, much diminished from its peak 3 or 4 years ago. Lets hope its back to proper endurance with a 4hrs race next year, as part of a championship, with Estoril and Italy joining the fray.

Thanks to all our team, sponsors and friends; sorry we could not deliver this time out.

Get well soon Cormac.


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